Multi-Gluer 2100CE

The compact, semi-automatic folder-gluer machine for:

- 3-point gluing

- straight-line gluing

-eCommerce (double-sided adhesive tape and RippaTape tear strip)

It's that easy - discover the variety!


When it comes to short runs and small quantities, the Multi-Gluer 2100CE should not be missing in any business.


With this compact folder-gluer you can easily complete your daily gluing tasks.

You too can benefit from the rapidly growing market for automatic boxes and close your 3-point boxes quickly and economically with our Multi-Gluer 2100CE.


Straight line gluing, 3-point gluing or even adding double-sided adhesive tape and RippaTape tear strips for the eCommerce market (optional) - these tasks are no big deal with the Multi-Gluer 2100.


His outstanding features are a small footprint, short set-up times and a variety of possible uses.


The Multi-Gluer 2100CE was developed in close cooperation with users and is therefore tailored as best as possible to the needs of processors.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • glues and folds longitudinal seam RSC and 3-point automatic sheets (crash lock)
  • short set-up times
  • reasonable pricing
  • maintenance-free adhesive technology from Baumer hhs (low or high pressure system), cold PVA adhesive or  Hotmelt
  • Beckhoff controls with touch screen (multilingual display)
  • no marking even with difficult materials such as laminated or printed finish thanks to soft-grip transport belts
  • eCommerce: dispenser for double-sided adhesive tape and RippaTape tear strip (optional)
  • easily handle FEFCO Codes from the groups 02, 03, 05 and 07
  • 15 liter hhs Baumer stainless-steel pressure vessel
  • conveyor belts with adjustable continuous transport speeds
  • stable flap hook with optimized shape
  • complete control of the folder-unit is mastered using a complete width transport belt
  • optionally with conveyor technology and strapping machine
  • compact, space saving design
  • tool trays

Exactly metered glue application without spills! 


Due to the digital PLC control and laser sensor, you can position the glue track in exactly the right place. 
Entering the values is, of course, easy for the user. 


The proven construction of the Baumer hhs adhesive valves prevents any dripping or drying of the valves. 

The reliable application valves are compact and work robustly and reliably.

The result is a clean glue point.


Maintenance free!

The evening cleaning ritual is omitted.

You simply switch the machine off, and on again at the next start of production.

Cleaning is not necessary even after long periods of inactivity.

Technical information



Among other things we offer tape dispensers for double-sided adhesive tape and motorized dispensers for RippaTape tear strips as an extension to our Multi-Gluer 2100CE. We thus provide the cheap and fast way to capitalize on this boom!


(Can be retrofitted for all models of the Multi-Gluer CE2100 from 2021, subject to technical changes)

  • Tape dispenser 170-SGM electronically controlled, for double-sided adhesive tape on 50/500 m rolls

  • Motor driven dispenser for RippaTape tear strip, 4 mm or 6 mm tape on 152 mm core

  • Table with hold-down device
  • BIG SIZE Extender: easily work on extra-wide sheets up to 4100 mm width with the Multi-Gluer for semi-automatic longitudinal seam gluing

  • Baumer hhs high pressure system

  • Hot-Melt system

  • large working platform

  • conveyor technology
  • combined with strapping machine Easy Strapper ES-5

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