Die cutting hand-fed platens

Our hand-fed platens are designed for punching various materials:

  •     spring board up to 6 mm
  •     stone board up to 3 mm
  •     corrugated board up to 15 mm thick
  •     all types of cardboard and paper
  •     semi-cut stickers (stickers, decals, etc.)
  •     various types of plastic up to a thickness of 3 mm
  •     wood and soft metal foils, depending on the thickness of the material and the number of cutting blades

The die-cutting platen machine leaves the factory with a blade width of 23.8 mm and can work with a blade width
of up to 30 mm. Our hand fed die cutters comply with all EC safety regulations and are optionally available with the German GS safety certificate.

We have a wide range of models of platen machines and can also design any size to customer requirements.


We have a wide range of security options that meet the most demanding standards:

  • Safety scanners and other safety systems
  • Top and side safety systems

Based on UNE EN 1010-5 and UNE EN ISO 13849-1, we ensure that the machines reach the maximum safety level (Ple) in their guards. We also ensure that the machines comply with the specific regulations of each country, e.g. ANSI B65.5 in the United States of America.
The latest safety innovation is the laser scanner, which has proven its worth on this type of machine since 2000. They can be used as side guards instead of conventional safety tables, fences and mats, although the new regulations require them to be used as an integral safety system for the entire machine. Placing a scanner on each side prevents access from the side and placing a scanner on the top prevents access from the front. In this way, all access points to the machine's danger zone are covered, leaving only one area free for material transport, which makes working with the machine much safer for the operator.

  •  Laser safety platen
  •  Integrated 3D safety
  •  Vibration damper

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